Basic Description Edit

Fundamentally Flawed was a podcast hosted by Alex Botten, Jim Gardner, and Mat Hunt, three atheists from the UK. Religion, philosophy, skepticism, science and religious apologetics were the main topics, and the show hosted many Christian apologists as guests (with Presuppositionalism being a frequent topic in its last year). The podcast ran from 2011 to early 2014 and was also one of the first organized shows in the community to make use of Google Hangouts, though unfortunately few of these videos remain, as most were hosted on either Botten or Gardner's channels, which have since been purged several times. However, an audio archive of most of Fundamentally Flawed's episodes still exists at

FF grew a decently sized community around it, spawning several Facebook groups (with this being the main one) as well as a number of hangout-based spin-off shows (including "The Aristocrats", one of Botten's side-projects). Unfortunately, after the podcast ended in 2014 as these groups were split apart by drama and distrust (in part due to some of the FB groups being private and only "trusted" members of the community being allowed in), and the FF community disintegrated completely by the end of the year, which was (mostly) absorbed into the larger GDC.