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Em K (subsequently identifying as "Jesusyoume," "peacefulperson," "God's odds," "michael klein," and most recently "church twozerosixfour") was an enigmatic cult leader like personality that used to have hangouts which were the "go to" place for the members of the CCP, mostly Darwins Deity, before echo chamber rooms like Antonio Fletcher's and TrueEmpiricism's. Em K is most known for his extreme form of pyrrhonian skepticism and epistemological nihilism maintaining that no one can know anything, including not even being sure if he himself even actually existed.

Em K has recently returned to YouTube under the name "michael klein" and is running frequent hangouts on the eponymous channel.


Em K Before Potty-Time

The Peeing in the Bottle Incident Edit

Sometimes when you got to go you got to go. It wasn't enough that Em K, TrueEmpiricism and Arcane Logos all lived not too far from each other. They all had to raise the bar trying to outdo each other with new levels of derp. This was achieved by Em K when during a hangout, where he was hitting hard on Nevyn Noir, he realized the bathroom in the next room was too far and decided to go off camera to pee in a bottle of Gatorade that was on his desk.


During this live hangout Em K stated he had to relieve himself while at the same time we guess wanting to still carrying on a conversation with the rest of the hangout participants. He grabbed a bottle of Gatorade, stating that it was the bottle he pissed in, and proceeded to walk off camera. Em K also had said later on that sometimes if he is too lazy to actually use the restroom that he will turn off his camera and shit into bags then toss the bags out later. While we at the Great Debate Community admired Em K dedication to his hangouts, we found this to be rather unsanitary and well, frankly disgusting.

This event was referred to as the "What the Fuck" incident and shortly after EM K's mom removed his internet access. Rumor has it that he roams the local Skokie Starbucks begging for a wifi signal.

I'm a Troll Apparently...(video Hana Zubby)

Apparently he's "considering" the flat Earth theory. Also, 9/11 conspiracies and "Governmental Epistemology" (Lord have mercy).

Special powers Edit

Peeing in bottles while having a conversation.

Shooting lasers from his eyes because according to him if God wanted him to be able to, then he would be able to. [1]