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Claiming his theology checks out because he "did philosophy on it," Ecclesiastes III is perhaps the most emotionally and intellectually stunted of all the CCP. Ecclesiastes III isn't even at a mental level to make up his own degree of bat shit insanely stupid comments... but simply just mindlessly agrees with any of the statements of the CCP regardless of which one of them makes it. With a only a few notable exceptions such as Ecclesiastes' original bat shit stupid comment when he chided both Sam the Scientist and Steve McRae for fact checking something before saying that it was true, claiming that if you know what you're talking about you never have to fact check.

To Ecclesiastes III, the CCP are the cerebral giants of G+ and he lays like a docile puppy at their feet, in-taking their droppings of bullshit as if they were delicious bite size snausages. In fact, Ecclesiastes III still thinks that TrueEmpiricism was totally correct that "DNA Degrades in Water" after countless experts including Dr. Fiona Robertson and Dr. Fazale Rana both explaining in detail that if DNA degraded in water in any appreciable biological time frame that it would be unusable for any type of biological experiment including PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) reactions.

Ecclesiastes thinks education will be society's downfall as it leads people away from God, and it is clear that any type of formal education he may have had stopped at the kindergarten level. What most people take for granted as common knowledge would be advanced studies for him. Simple concepts like 2+2=4 being true here, there, and everywhere due to it being an analytical proposition and definitionally true are lost upon him and he will fall back to the good old Sye Ten clone method of discussion of "How do you know that?" and "Have you been to other parts of the universe to see if 2+2=4?". Like the rest of the entire CCP, he's quite the fail presupper as he uses presupp to mask the fact he never actually understands any of the topics being discussed.

Matthew restricted

Ecclesiastes III typical response to any challenge to his kindergarten-like comments.

Should you make Ecclesastes III feel stupid or uneducated, or point out when it comes to the CCP that he doesn't even know what he is agreeing with most of the time, he will block you... then spend the next several days masturbating to persecution porn.