Basic Description Edit

David 'Booleanenator' Fulton is very much the 'Zeppo Marx' of the Great Debate Community. Whenever his name is mentioned, there will be the sound of chirping crickets followed by a breeze, tumbleweed, and a chorus of "Who?"

Firmly established as 'The Sidekicks Sidekick' he is most notable for being 'That guy everyone else ignores'.

Booleanenator is known for his meticulous nature, resulting in several years of research into every aspect of live-streaming, across every conceivable platform, leading to an intimate knowledge of the subject and has led to hangout numbers that he's initiated being approximately zero (2000-2017), although 2018 has seen him riding the coattails of the more popular Shannon Q to instigate a small number of after-show hangouts.    

His YouTube live stream viewer numbers have at least reached double digits, but only if you use the binary system to count them (the real binary system, not 4 digit binary like TrueEmpiricism seems to think exists). His most successful stream to date pulled in three viewers, but it later turned out that two of them had wandered in by mistake and had subsequently been lulled to sleep.

During his midlife crisis, David became a coke mule for a cult of elderly women known as Exx. Armed with a dog and a leash he would line coke on a service vest. and walk it cross state lines.Hidden with cuteness the coke would make it to its destination, This is where Dexter would get a head patting and a belly rub.He and Dexter moved up in the ranks, Climbing the pyramid soon he was on top. 

 He had it all, Money, Power, Women, Men? He was king. But it all slowly fell apart.He began using the substance he supplied. It started with a bump just to keep the edge off during a long day of work. He spiraled out of control, He became done with it all...

 He cashed out. He started partying and his habit developed  The empire of Exx slowly shrank, David was at a bad place, He blew it all. His party lifestyle was more than he could handle. He lost it all. When he decided to get clean he broke off from the cult where the Exx has been chasing him across the United States to rebuild the network that was once so great. He now hides online eating rice paper and drinking absinthe.





His disastrous short lived flirtation with a 'Sexy' avatar was seen as an attempt to raise his profile but only managed to hint at the gimp proclivities we all suspected. Thankfully he has now settled upon an avatar that truly (*yawn) reflects his personality.

In an endeavour to appear more interesting and to win over the cool crowd he has taken to drinking absinthe, - it hasn't worked.

Best quote Edit

In the  'Aftershow for Shannon Q and G Man' video at 1:47:45  David to G Man 

"Oh fuck off. Get the fuck out of here"