Basic Description Edit

Darwins Deity also known as "DD", is an extremely stubborn, obstinate, and borderline insane presuppositionalist philoso-troll. Like other presuppers, he will shut down any conversation or argument with questions like "how do you know that?" and demands for opponents to justify their ability to reason, but with a level of antisocial animosity at least an order of magnitude higher than your average presupper. Basic-to-intermediate philosophical knowledge (and/or equal levels of trollishness) is recommended in dealing with him, but he's better off just being ignored at all costs. Currently, he can often be found hanging out on the "Godless" Discord server atm (in his room, where he has, "the supreme authority”), though he has set up several of his own, and they're (reportedly) just as much of a dumpster fire as you might imagine.


Who is Darth Dawkins?

Who is Darth Dawkins? Epic Darth Dawkins Roast On Discord

Who is Darth Dawkins? Epic Darth Dawkins Roast On Discord

Hear Who Darth Really IS

Rumor has it that DD lives in a nursing home in Topeka Kansas, not too far from the Westboro Baptist Church, where he runs a buttplug mail order business where he is being taken care of by three African transgender nurses named Karla, Bubba, and Momo. This may account for his racism and transphobia. When his internet allowance runs out, DD is known to go walk the dog which is a euphemism for testing the products he sells to other nursing homes.

DD Preparing his Dinner

Fun Facts Edit

DD has had a long feud with the "Paltalk Power Rangers", and has accused them of harassment and stalking.

Also known by various other names, including Dawkins Delusions, Darth Dawkins, and EvolutionFalse, Dancing with Hyenas, George and Dunkin Schmatheism.

For examples of this legend of stupidity, see the Darwin's Greatest Hits channel.

Transphobe, mild racist, dog lover.

Catchphrases include "Ok, Good.", “Sir, do not interrupt me”, "Are you done?", "You are now on my troll list.".


DD Soundboard (Darwin's Greatest Sounds) [requires Flash plugin]

While DD is now a devout presuppositionalist, it should be noted that in the past he has flirted with evidential apologetics. However, after finding this far too much work and open to robust criticism far beyond his philosophical understanding, he soon abandoned evidentialism as "just not sadistic enough".

Darwins Deity is the BTK of the Great Debate. Like Hitler though, he has shown some affection towards dogs and Apple computers.

DD can destroy a hangout and totally shut it down in less than 7 minutes...

Biggest hypocrite known today.

Debate Techniques Edit

- Always answers questions with a question.

- Asks many questions. Gives very few answers.

- Ask the same question again and again and again until he gets the right answer which fits his presup script.

- Asks for moderation if someone asks him a question he can't answer.

- Ejects anyone from the hangout asking him one of the "Questions Darwin will refuse to answer". (try it if you're in hangout with DD, it's fun!)


-Analogies that are not on the same level of logic with each other

-Accuded usually People would "Gaslight him" if all the other stuff dont work.

-Strokes his cock when talking to transvestites

Very Mean People DD is Afraid of Edit


Darth Dawkins vs Jack Angstreich!!! Lost Footage Found!!!! Darth's Archenemy!!

Darth Dawkins vs Jack Angstreich!!! Lost Footage Found!!!! Darth's Archenemy!!

Jack Angstreich (who makes a totally kick ass cameo in Darth Dawkins v Batman & Superman): Video Darwins Greatest Hits

Darth Mocking Archenemy Jack Angstreich

Darth Mocking Archenemy Jack Angstreich

Kathleen Tanner Transgender Philosophical Blackbelt, Christian apologist who destroyed Darth in the biblical question of Trans people. Darth is terrified of Kathleen and will only ever make character attacks against her. Darth is however obsessed with Kathleen. Being a transphobe he has deep hatred for Kathleen because she humiliated him.

Darth Dawkins Humiliated By Transgender 2

Darth Dawkins Humiliated By Transgender 2

Darth Dawkins Humiliated By Transgender Kathleen Tanner.

OmniDestiny: Absolutely obliterated DD in a debate(the real fun happens around the 18 min mark). Even Christians in the comment section could see DD's lack of self awareness. DD will only talk to this person if he has the ability to server mute him(OmniDestiny).

Virtually ANYBODY whom isn't willing to put up with DD's antics.

Darth Dawkins Getting Sniped By Trolls 5 Times In One Hangout

Darth Dawkins gets SNIPED!

Darth Dawkins gets SNIPED!

Darth Dawkins Gets Sniped

Super Powers Edit

- Walking the dog

- Ability to answer a question with a question

- Ability to label any person he is losing an argument to as a stalker or troll

- Able to silence his own cognitive dissonance and believes that his own circular logic is not a fallacy

- Vulnerable to eating raw spaghetti

- Interrupting others

- Muting anyone who dares to challenge him

Awards Edit

DD was nominated for DFotY but has not won yet. Rumor has it that he is a contender for some of upcoming 2017 "The Ronnies" categories.

Questions Darwins Deity will Refuse to Answer Edit

1. How can the claim that “God is good” not be a mere tautology if the “good” is defined in terms of God’s nature?

2. How is the Euthyphro dilemma a “false dichotomy”?

3. What is the (magical) barrier that demarcates “micro-evolution” from “macro-evolution”?

4. How can skeptical theism be an adequate response to the evidential argument from evil since skeptical theism logically entails a commitment to global skepticism?

5. What is an example of an observation that could falsify the hypotheses of an Intelligent Designer, a Special Creator, a Fine-Tuner of the cosmological constants, or of God?

6. If these hypotheses cannot be falsified, how can there be evidence for them?

7. What is the formal argument constituting the “design inference” to the existence of God?

8. What hypothesis is a better explanation for the apparently structured diversity of terrestrial life than the hypothesis of a universal common ancestor?

9. Is the hypothesis of a universal common ancestor an unfalsifiable hypothesis?

10. Is the hypothesis of a universal common ancestor a falsified hypothesis? what observation has falsified it?

11. Is the hypothesis of a universal common ancestor an ad hoc hypothesis?

12. Is the hypothesis of a universal common ancestor a logically incoherent hypothesis?

13. What way is there to discredit an explanatory hypothesis other than to show that it is unfalsifiable, that it has been falsified, that it is ad hoc, that it is logically incoherent or that there is an alternative hypothesis that has greater explanatory virtues?

14. If “atemporal change” is an “oxymoron” because it is equivalent to the concept of “no-change change”, how can change not “presuppose” or “require” time?

15. What mathematicians or philosophers have shown that “actual infinities” are impossible and by what argument(s) have they shown this?

16. How is the regularity of nature an explanatory hypothesis “that explains the way things are”? If predictions are derivable from the mere assumption of the regularity of nature, how is it the thesis is not falsified if what is predicted fails to come true? If the thesis can be falsified then it’s falsifiable, so how can the regularity of nature be falsifiable and unfalsifiable, simultaneously?

17. How is the difference between the "is" of predication and the "is" of identity going to explain how the claim that "God is good" is not a mere tautology, if saying that "God is good" is analogous to saying that "a red ball is red"?

18. What is the formal argument for the claim that "Analogies don't prove anything"?

19. What if an agnostic believes that it is possible that the existence of God is impossible?


using old athiest bullshit from the ages of 2005-10