Basic Description Edit

Whenever Christian Anarchist [CA] first came into this world, he was a very boring individual. To this day, he remains about as boring and dull as General Han Solo in terms of his tone and choice of vocabulary. Regardless, CA is a good contribution to the Great Debate Community and considers himself to be a decent apologist for Christianity.

CA is started out making YouTube videos where he was sucking up to all of the big names on YouTube (such as InspiringPhilosophy and Nephilimfree). After he made his debut here, he started making original content. While starting off with n00bish text only format with horrible sounding indie music, he actually recorded his voice for the first time when talking about Evolution & the Big Bang. Since then, he made videos until he eventually evolved into somebody who became a Christian Otaku icon. Ever since he displayed his image as an anime guy, he has always been asked if he was gay, transgender or an actual woman with a very deep voice.

CA has participated in several debates, especially the "Is Jesus God?" debate with Ayoub Idhssaine (Marshall Matthers). He prefers formal debating since it allows him to collect his thoughts as well as watch episodes of his favorite anime shows while his opponent proceeds to spout of their opening statements or rebuttals.