The Dumbfuck of the Year Awards ("DFotY") is an annual contest run by Reds Rhetoric to rate the dumbest people on G+ in the previous year, with the winner earning the title of "The Dumbfuck of the Year". Ten people are nominated by Red (or a panel of people selected by Red), and voting runs for the month of December, with the winners being announced in early January.

Nominees are required to meet six criteria:

  1. Must have demonstrated stupendous and unwavering idiocy, repeatedly misrepresented and/or denied well-established scientific or historical knowledge, and refused to take any correction on the relevant topic.
  2. Must have been active in spreading their nonsense within the last calendar year.
  3. Are not known to be a Poe, or significantly playing up their beliefs to make people mad.
  4. Are not the obviously the victim of (or have an admitted diagnosis for) a mental disorder which would explain their behavior. (Rob Beasley was excluded from the 2016 contest on these grounds.)
  5. Have had at least one interaction with Redline (or, as of the 2018 contest, the nomination panel).
  6. Are not already a recipient of this coveted award. (We can't have G Man winning every year, now can we?)

However, those are only the rules for the nomination for the Duckfuck of the Year Award. In order to actually WIN the award, one is required to meet the following three criteria:

  1. Be a dumbfuck
  2. Get nominated
  3. Get the most votes

Previous DFotY Winners Edit

2015's winner: G Man

2016's winner: Jeranism

2017's winner: TrueEmpiricism

2018's winner: VonHelton

2019's winner: Southern Israelite (Triggertits)

DFotY scoreboard Edit

During the 2017 contest, GDC member Kevin Buchik got fed up with having to go to 10 different videos and do addition to figure out what the current standings were, so he wrote a scoreboard page in PHP so no one had to deal with that bullshit anymore.

The scoreboard can be found here.

The scoreboard contains archival data for all previous contests, and goes into a "live" mode during the month of December when a DFoTY contest is active.

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