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The Clown Car Posse is the name given by Alex Botten to a specific group of scientifically illiterate bozos on the Internet. This group's entire education consists of watching YouTube videos and reading the first line of Wikipedia articles, then proclaiming themselves to be experts in a wide variety of fields.

They love to have hangouts to challenge people to come debate them, while at the same time blocking anyone who disagrees with them. The combined IQ between all the members of the CCP is somewhere just south of room temperature.

Similar to the criteria for the label "Social Justice Warrior", being considered a member of the Clown Car Posse requires an individual to exhibit certain antisocial behaviors in addition to having particular beliefs. This wiki editor proposes the following criteria for inclusion in this category: In order to be considered a member of the CCP, a person...

  1. Must reject some or all of the modern scientific consensus on the subject of origins (including Evolutionary biology, geology, Big Bang cosmology, planetary and star formation, the age of the earth and/or universe, etc), on religious (usually fundamentalist Christian) grounds.
  2. Must consistently and dogmatically argue in favor of these views on the internet, in Google Hangouts, YouTube videos, or comment threads (either in the present or past).
  3. Must engage in antisocial behavior directed at those who criticize or argue against their anti-science views (including lying, character assassination, talking over and interrupting others, muting or kicking from hangouts, filing false DMCAs, and hangout sniping).
  4. Must have a general lack of honesty and/or self-awareness when engaging in debates or discussions on these topics.
  5. Must not be known to be a "Poe" (claiming beliefs they don't actually hold for the purposes of trolling or satire).

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