Basic Description Edit

Cara Diann is a shy, quiet, but very intelligent 3D modeler who always knows exactly what kind of 3D model will take the piss out of flat Earthers on what day.

No, seriously. It's amazing.

When you are in a google hangout with her, chances are she will be working on her 3D models and if you ask "Hey Cara, what're you working on?", it will usually take her about 27 seconds to respond because that's how in the zone she really is.


The Best Globe-Earth Proof

On November 20, 2017, she, to the dismay of many, made a video asking people to unsubscribe from her channel, saying she was "done making videos" because she was sick of all the flat Earthers coming to her channel and being... flat Earthers. Later, she deleted all her videos.

Despite all-but removing her entire YouTube account, she's still somewhat involved in the flat-Earth debate; sometimes appearing in livestream chats to say something smart or rail against flat Earthers for a while.

Debating Edit

Despite being silent most of the time, Cara can lose her shit pretty hard when she has to deal with idiots on the internet... of course, most notability being flat Earthers.

On Earth Discussions 2.0, the guys (and Cara) were debating a religiously influenced flat Earther by the name of Daniel and when Cara started arguing with him shit IMMEDIATELY hit the fan. (Okay not really but it was cool).