Basic Description Edit

May Griffin thinks she is the time traveling Starfleet Captain of the USS Oblivion Unseen, and a temporal agent.

Really she is a Canadian YouTuber who makes crap videos, mostly on World of Warships, retro games, and is complete crap, having only ever made only 1 video with more than 1,000 views since June 2015. Her avatar is from a screenshot of her Star Trek Online character May Griffin. Actually it's from an old alternative that was recently made to look like a female version of the original. It was never meant to represent her, is rarely played, isn't even a human, and the male Captain Griffin is still her main. Also, she is actually an admiral not a captain, so she can't even get that right. Also somehow the first video she ever made was total crap and has his second most views at ~500 at the time of this writing. May is transgender and has recently started transitioning. This is why her profile name is also wrong. Her real name isn't even James Griffin, nor was it ever. Those are her given middle name and mother's maiden name respectively. Her birth name was Mat, and she chose May partly because she only needs to remember changing one letter, which is good because she is still crap, and the other reason is because the name is easy to pun. Griffin wants to make debunk videos especially on why Wi-Fi cannot give you cancer, ever, also microwave ovens and non-ionizing radiation in general because she finds people to be lacking in understanding in the subject, aka stupid. However in her first attempt she was overcome by quantum woo and has not since recovered from the sheer amount of Spirit Science level stupid radiation she was exposed to. The PTSD of attempting to sift through this stupid, as well as the lingering effects of a near terminal dose of stupid radiation, as well as exposure to other types of stupid may be partly responsible for her being crap. It also may have something to do with May's change of gender. As noted homophobe, anti vaxxer and all around asshole Mark Cummings would assert, traumatic experiences can cause people to be trans or some other wrong shit like that. While she still wants to do science and religion debunk videos, Griffin finds it easier to just keep making crap video game lets plays instead. Griffin has recently taken up the task of confronting homophobic and transphobic people, most notably the aforementioned Mark Angelo Cummings, who she now has a personal grudge against. Lastly, Griffin thinks she is an indi game dev, but really just derps around in RPG maker and has been working on the same 2 games for 5 years. Mostly due to being crap at art, as seen in her YouTube page banner. And writing. And well Griffin is just crap. There is a playthrough of the only hour of usable gameplay on her channel, but it is incomplete and crap.

Griffin is an atheist, who was never indoctrinated into any religion. There was an attempt to do so in her early teens that really didn't go very far, because they were Catholics. As Catholics are pretty much atheists, only really having Catholic rituals and their god of the gaps, at least the ones here in Ontario. However one day she discovered Thunderf00t's "Why do People Laugh at Creationists" series and became fascinated at the level of stupid displayed by the likes of VenomFangX, Kent Hovind, Ray Comfort, and the likes of the CCP. Also, Griffin proposes adding crazy to Clown Car Posse so it is abbreviated to CCCP just because.

Cyberbullying Edit

The only time Jim has ever tried to livestream on YouTube he got a community guidelines strike for it before his stream ever started. The only plausible reason for this is the title of the stream was n00bstreaming Phantasy Star Online. This is obviously cyberbullying himself and is entirely inappropriate. It is very likely Jim flagged the video himself as he has no fans and was the one being cyberbullied.

Transition Vlog Channel Edit

Griffin has created a new YouTube channel called May Bowen, her actual last name and so has doxxed herself because she's still very much crap. The purpose of the channel was originally intended to be for a transition vlog for her own record of how the changes and milestones and just to generally put her thoughts into record, and to share with her friends and family. However, the channel will include the other topics such as responding to transphobes, homophobs and any other non gaming videos she wants to do.