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C brown is a rather newer member of the CCP but has become a well known cosigner to whatever YEC rhetoric that may be circulating. Brown takes the "Kent Hovind" approach to discussions as he meanders between physics and biology without regard to the context nor direction of the conversation itself. He combines scientifically illiteracy with the need to propagate YEC views in an amazing feat of ineptitude, a feat only surmounted by the likes of G Man. Much of what C Brown posts comes from YEC blog sites as he doesn't possess the requisite knowledge needed to interpret actual scientific data. He instead relies on the aforementioned sites to "relay" the data in a format that he can understand, missing the fact that the YEC sites themselves more often than not misinterpret it. 

C Brown has never taken a formal course in neither physics nor biology but believes himself to be somewhat of an autodidact, exclaiming that he spends his off time "studying" scientific material (i.e. watching YouTube videos). In reality, he's just as scientifically illiterate as the rest of the CCP but has the ability to rattle off well known experiments that have nothing to do to with what's being discussed at the time. He often confuses this ability with being scientifically literate and spurns those who took the time to acquire formal education in these fields. 

He has a fascination with Dr. Mary Schweitzer's experiments yet doesn't understand how enzymes from microbes actually break down organic matter. C Brown insists that some being obligate anaerobes (a term he wasn't familiar with) isn't going to be hindered by being in an oxygen-less environment. When Dr. Mary Schweitzer joined the GDC to discuss her work, we had invited C Brown to bring up his microbiological "concerns" to Dr. Schweitzer, but alas he was no where to be found... we of course just assume he was too busy doing "research" to join us.

C Brown was initially a favorite for Reds Rhetoric's Dumb Fuck of the Year 2018 award, but quickly fell to the bottom of the list and ended up in 3rd place, because quite frankly no one gives a shit about him. The combined synergistic effects of his non-expertise in every conceivable branch of science and the shitty "voice to text" he uses on his phone results what in what is quite possibly some of the most dumbest comments ever to be left on a G+ post or YouTube video in all of human history.

Notable Interactions: Edit

C Brown, in rare form, had a live discussion with Crispr CAS9 wherein both spoke about ID, YEC, and genetics. Crispr spent the majority of the conversation correcting C Brown's misuse of terminology, arguments from incredulity and general misunderstandings in the field of genetics. Crispr had expressed an incredible amount of patience as C Brown rattled off unsubstantiated claims, often having nothing to do with the topic, then slowly addressing them point by point. C Brown didn't comprehend what he was being told and proceeded to them question why geneticists are so concerned with the functionality of genes, a comment that even laymen found puzzling. C Brown then added to the confusion by bringing the word "functionality" itself into question, positing that it's simply a matter of interpretation rather than a core aspect of what a gene is.

Unrepentant Plagiarism Edit

On the 7th of February 2017, our community's own bare-chested dragon-type pokemon (aka Dragnauct Sylvas) posted 2 extended questions from his genetics homework on G+ tempting C Brown (who on multiple occasions claimed to be very well versed in Biology) to answer them. For any rational person, this would have been transparently seen as an attempt to fuck with him. Unfortunately, this 2017 dumb fuck front-runner would not under any circumstance be considered rational and to great surprise actually attempted answers to both problems.

After a very generous grading, his answers came to a grand miserable total of 2.1 out of a possible 6 marks with the graders expressing bewilderment at large sections of the responses which did not seem to even relate to the questions posed. Further investigation however led Detective Topless Dragon to the revelation that the answers were plagiarised word-for-word from a yahoo answers page dating back to 2013. Despite numerous protests of innocence where C Brown continually claimed the answers were his own work and the similarities were simply "a hell of a coincidence", the fact remains that there were exactly 28 original words out of the 900+ word response sent in for grading, cementing the fact that not only did this lying cocksucker not understand any basic biology, he was too stupid to even use copy-paste convincingly.

Super Powers Edit

- Fucktardery

Notable Quotes [Verbatim] Edit

Lunar Bukakke Edit

"The Earth is 75% water, period."

"And what about the oceans of water under the ocean?"

"And the steam vents under the oceans? Very consistent with the Bible."

"Mr. Uncle Walt Brown solved the issue with the heat with the hydroplane theory. As a matter of fact of fact, he solved many other issues and explain how we have the Mid Atlantic ridge."

"(Walt Brown is my uncle , so yeah I am the expert.)"

'Water for example can accelerate [radioactive] decay substantially."

"If you have super-critical water shooting out with escape velocity, the heat that was created by the accelerated decay was absorbed by fusing heavier elements created by Z pitch, and the super-critical water directed the heat into space much like the geysers of Enceladus, but with much more pressure. As long as the heat is directed and expelled into space, the heat issue is no longer a issue."

Cosmology & Physics Edit

"And also evidence that makes the formation of earth water and heavier elements impossible for the big bang."

"Dark energy is moving at the speed of light between matter and the stars."

"Supernovas did not create the higher elements."

"I told u Z pinch created all the heavier elements. I has been demonstrated."

"The Z pinch is produced by lighting."

"For binding energy for elements lighter than 60, fusion results in higher binding energy which doesn't omit heat fusion of nuclei heavier than 60 causes a drop in binding energy which means the event absorbs heat from its surroundings."

Biology Edit

"I'm referring about the experiment where she [Mary Schweitzer] soaked the dinosaur tissue in iron-rich ostrich blood for two years period she compared the tissue versus tissue that was soaked in water for 2 years."

"So chitin is not subject to the 2nd laws of thermal dynamics as it pertains to decay? Or will we state chitin survivability rate at a trillion years?"