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NOTE: BroJoSavedByGrace is not to be confused with Broth3r John (who is also sometimes known by the name "BroJo"), as they are NOT the same person. Also, Broth3r John is not a dogmatic, hangout sniping little shit.

BroJoSavedByGrace made his initial mark in the GDC by having a discussion with Reds Rhetoric. BroJo attempted to utilize a "Sye Ten" style approach to presuppositional apologetics, and could not move beyond Reds knowledge of his own experiences.

In 2016, BroJo became infamous among the GDC for introducing the terrible act of hangout sniping, resulting in a ban from all hangouts that was later lifted with a second chance policy Steve McRae adopted at the turn of the new year. He admittedly exploited a feature in hangouts to "preach the gospel", by removing all participants of the hangout -- including the host -- from the room. This resulted in the hashtag "gospelrape" being spawned: an act of violating someone else's platform for the purposes of silencing critics of the Bible. Doesn't really offer anything to a discussion.

BroJo's most notable interactions have all dealt with presenting the presup argument against some of the more well known and respected contributors to the GCD. He has discussed his views, and presented his apologetics, to: JD Kain, Skylar Fiction, Steve Mcrae, Floyd Fp, and many others, all to no avail.

Fun Fact Edit

Brojo has the same voice as most characters in Jerry Lewis movies

Brojo isn't above lying about people from claiming that people are sexually harassing him to claiming others are sniping rooms. As if anyone wants to touch his hairless butthole, Brojo was the first one in the GDC to snipe.

Super Powers Edit

- Sniper for Jesus

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- The problem with incest is that it has a negative connotation Youtube Skylar Fiction