Basic Description Edit

"Bring It Evolutionists" (occasionally mis-typed as "BRING IT EVOLUTIONIST") is TrueEmpiricism's ironically titled series of echo-chamber hangouts which typically consist only of himself and other members of the Clown Car Posse (usually G Man, Vekl, Tommy Hall, or Antonio Fletcher). Whenever atheists or non-creationist Christians are allowed in, they are often talked over, muted, and generally disrespected in the usual manner which the CCP is known for. If they display even the slightest amount of scientific knowledge on the subject of biology or chemistry, they are inevitably kicked from the hangout and/or muted from the live chat. Naturally, in typical CCP fashion, all of these disrespectful behaviors are psychologically projected onto the "evolutionists," even though in their own hangouts they treat Ronnie and his compatriots with far more respect than they deserve.

"BRING IT EVOLUTIONIST" hangouts are often run whenever Ronnie is having one of his infamous "Sads" following him getting called out for a particularly egregious lie or misrepresentation of science by one of the more scientifically literate members of the Community (who, naturally, are all on Ronnie's ever-growing block list by this point).