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Arcane Logos believes that birds fly by farting. A proposition system formally known as "Avian Flatulence Propulsion Theory" (coined by Nesslig 20).

He also believes that the Ark of the Covenant was an ancient power source and was located in a pyramid. He also thinks Moses stole it from Pharaoh and that's why Pharaoh pursued the fleeing slaves and that Moses used it to part the Red Sea... all of this at least a year before God gave Moses the instruction for how to build said Ark.

Arcane also believes that the Earth is flat, that the Earth is the center of the universe, and that bunny rabbits have fangs and sneak into your bed at night to suck your brain juices. However, due to the timing of his adoption of flat-Earth beliefs, and the method by which he espouses those beliefs (memes and low-effort shitposting), it's believed by many that he's a Poe pretending to be a flat-Earther for the lulz.

Rumor has it that Arcane and Jungle Jargon went to the same kindergarten where they pushed crayons up to each other's nose...a little too far. This is the current explanation for Arcane's fucktardery.

Arcane is rarely sober. He's smoked so much marijuana that one ounce of his sweat will get 50 people high. Do not stand too close to him on a hot day.

Arcane also goes by the name "theghost" (or "3theghost").

A current hypothesis states that there is a derp chemical in the Chicago tap water as no other reason could explain why Arcane Logos, TrueEmpiricism and Em K all show derp symptoms of epic proportions while all living in the same county.

Inane Logos Edit

Arcane became Inane during his presuppositionalist period. Inane Logos was a bargain-bin presupper of the Sye ten Bruggencate school of stupidity. Inane Logos cheap bag of tricks more often backfired though, as even grasping this childish form of the presupp proved beyond his limited abilities. Inane Logos believed that by presupposing the existence of God, he had an answer to the problem of solipsism, one of the oldest philosophical problems there is, which amounted to claiming that "if solipsism was false, solipsism would be false".

Inane Logos' lazy presupp amounted to little more than "how do you know that?" or "you can't account for knowledge" but was easily countered by asking Inane how he was in a better position. Unsurprisingly, Inane has always floundered when pressed to give an account, or argument for his assertions. He remains in the bottom tier of the presupp little league.

Insane Logos Edit

As if his tripping and free falling down the well of presupp wasn't bad enough for Arcane's drug addled brain to deal with, Arcane went from Inane in Insane when he began to adhere to conspiracy theories. From [Sandyhook] to [Reptilians rule the world], no notion was too crazy for Arcane to pontificate on.

Insane Logos and the Flat Earth Edit

Ever the contrarian and champion of the hopelessly idiotic, Arcane's Christmases all came at once when the Flat Earth virus infected Google+. The perfect combination of religious ignorance, scientific illiteracy, fringe conspiracy paranoia and intellectual toxicity saw Arcane become one of the flat Earther's most fervent evangelists (well as fervent as a stoner like Arcane is capable of displaying). [Insert specific examples of Arcane's flat Earth stupidity]

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- Fucktardery

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Arcane gets spanked by Floyd