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Antonio is an anti-abortion crusader who is convinced that God has given him special charge to save the souls of every unborn fetus that some 16 year old knocked up crack whore didn't want to take to term.

Antonio is a fairly new member to engage with the GDC and has since joined the fold as a permanent resident of the Clown Car Posse. In the beginning he came across as a fairly reasonable evangelic Christian but soon turned out to be just as inept as the rest of the clan. After extending numerous metaphorical olive branches, Antonio made the decision to swear off of any form of civil discourse with atheist, pro-choicers and Evilutionists. He instead chose to challenge various members of the Great Debate Community, then not allowing them to answer said challenge in the hangout itself.

Steve McRae, I'm Calling You Out!!!

Steve McRae, I'm Calling You Out!!!

Antonio calls out Steve McRae, then refuses to give him the link to join hangout after Steve accepted the challenge.

Antonio has since decided that allowing Darwins Deity to kill his hangout wasn't the best idea in the world and has chosen to "...take [his] channel in a different direction..." This choice seems as the only alternative Antonio had available as no one (including theists) would join hangouts due to DD's presence. After several Christian "brothers" spoke publicly about Antonio's lack of control in his own hangouts, Antonio finally made the decision to stop inviting DD. This was done far too late as the experience had left a bad taste in the mouths of everyone including Antonio himself. He, even to this day, denies that his lack of control lead to the downfall of his own hangout but chooses to blame any given group, atheists, pro-choicers, etc. for his failure.

Much like TrueEmpiricism, Antonio has very little ability to introspect nor does he see the need for it as any criticism leveled against him is just seen as "hate" from the aforementioned groups. Antonio relishes in the fact that people consider him the "black forest Gump" as, in his own words, is evidence of how terrible said groups are rather than taking it as a sign that people acknowledge his inability to think critically.

Antonio has become fond of identifying logical fallacies as of late. He's not taken any time to understand why these fallacies don't make arguments "fail" but rather uses this to browbeat others in comments. After pointing out to him that he's misidentifying most, if not all, of the fallacies he names, he can only retort with a snide remark that he's more than likely picked up from TrueEmpiricism.

Has been described as Forrest Gump on mogadon.

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Ball Washer