Basic Description Edit

An antitheist is an atheist who opposes theistic beliefs in general, considering them to be a net negative influence both on the person holding them, and to human society at large. It is distinct from the idea of irreligion, which is the opposition to organized religions specifically (although practically all antitheists are also strongly irreligous).

Wikipedia defines antitheism in the following way:

Antitheism (sometimes anti-theism) is the opposition to theism. The term has had a range of applications. In secular contexts, it typically refers to direct opposition to the belief in any deity.
Naturally, antitheists are a diverse group who hold a range of views regarding how harmful theism is, and on how theists should be approached on the topic. However, a few antitheists in the community have stood out for their particularly vitriolic attitude towards Christians and other theists, and their use of logically or scientifically dubious arguments, such as religion being a mental disorder. Examples include AtheismDefended and Forbidden Fruit (who may or may not be a Poe).