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Basic Description Edit

Dr. Alex Malpass is a British atheist who specializes in logic and metaphysics.[1][2] Alex frequently has discussions with Christian apologists and addresses the logical, epestimelogical and metaphysical concepts employed by apologists within those discussions. He also expands on these ideas in his blog "Use of Reason".

Background Edit

Alex Malpass graduated from the University of Bristol and was also a lecturer on Philosophy and Metaphysics at the University of Glasgow.[2][3] Alex Malpass has also written multiple papers on the semantics of future contingents, including a paper titled Between Ockhamism and the Thin Red Line, which was published in Diametros – An Online Journal of Philosophy[1].

Thoughtology Edit

In March 2017, Alex Malpass launched the Thoughtology podcast in which he talks with philosophers on topics such as miracles, the problem of evil, and the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

References Edit

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