Basic Description Edit

Commonly confused with and often referred to as Alex Malpass, Alex I is a completely different British born strong atheist, having been a part of the community for over 5 years, has argued both in text and in hangout. His appearance in hangouts is sporadic and is often accompanied by an avatar of a disgruntled owl, which strikes fear into the deeply religious and enjoyment in the non-radicals.

Background Edit

Alex I did not graduate from the University of Bristol and has never been a lecturer on Philosophy or Metaphysics at the University of Glasgow. Alex I has yet to write a single paper on the semantics of future contingents. In March 2017, Alex I was busy, and had nothing to do with the launch of the Thoughtology podcast in which Alex Malpass talks with philosophers on topics such as miracles, the problem of evil, and the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

Present Edit

At present, Alex I still supports using a disgruntled owl avatar.

Future Expansion Edit

Alex I has expressed his hope for a world in which he is referred to as himself and not as Alex Malpass, it is currently in dispute as to if such a world is even possible.